Tuesday, December 01, 2009

For da new THChurch year 2009/10

A place of inspiration, meditation, learning and love. Where the daily sacrement Cannabis, is openly and freely used. Anyone over 18 years old wanting to learn about the Universal Conciousness, God; have arrived at the right place.

  • About Jason Graves; I spent ~33 years of my life growing up in the Jehovah's witness religion. I'm well versed in scripture, parable and the numerological truths established in one of the oldest books of moral law given to man - The Bible. After leaving the Watchtower Association on May 11th 2005, I again returned too and studied the healing herb Cannabis, which in-turn inspired me to reach this point in life. Beginning a new role, brothero f the 'THChurch'. A healing of the soul, body, spirit, heart and mind.

Brother Jason Graves of the www.ulc.org
We are all a united family around this '3rd rock from the sun', we are loving humans deep inside, seeking meaning. Searching for ways to turn our angst and anger into real loving altruistic gifts expressed from the heart. For all those searching for the real mission, real peace and true inner joy; Welcome for we truly are family.
My secular skills and qualifications are at both ends of the spectrum, Both in the internet and SCUBA-Diving instruction. As a qualified teacher and engineer, all attending this church of the true one-love&Peace, have the chance to gain a qualification in many fields not least as a qualified SCUBA-Diver and Cannabis license holding cultivator.
  • The dream that's driving this mission;
To be a teacher at one of many resorts, retreats and communities, accademic realms built around this healing holy sacrament. The bases for these healing environments to be Hawaii, Caribbean, Mediterranean and one day everyplace in the world. A temple of curing, that caters to all needing to retreat and place of peace, to regain or even renew the perfect euphoric altruistic one-love feeling.
Each person attending will have the time to earn (through training); a legal license for Cannabis cultivation, in the home or spiritual sacntuary. The original seed and plant from God, given back to all that would want to consume the spiritual incense and feel at one with universe.
  • The THChurch - Chapter 3; Working together to make itegal again, brothers and sisters...

The Healthy Church - THChurch

A healthy way to cure many of todays addictions.